The DAV Alliance is a coalition of enterprises, innovators, and leaders in the transportation industry

Our purpose is to bring together members of the transportation industry so that we may collaborate on innovations and standards for a global decentralized network.

Members of the DAV Alliance Benefit From

Shared Knowledge & Influence

Members of the DAV Alliance benefit from shared knowledge and experience amongst members, but also gain value from an interest group that could have a greater ability to influence policy and mindshare regarding autonomous vehicles across jurisdictions

Blockchain Technology & The DAV Protocol

Access to the latest technology innovations, trends, and learnings within the Blockchain industry from leading technologists, experts and strategists. Access to blockchain applications and the DAV Protocol specific to the future of transportation

We are building a decentralized commons for all

DAV Alliance members will be at the forefront of decentralized transportation and autonomous vehicle adoption by the mainstream. It is our goal to help bring this remarkable technology to the world, and to share the benefits and successes with our members

We invite you to become a part of a global vision where access to safe, efficient mobility is available to all, and where anyone or anything can be moved anywhere with just one token.

Alliance Members

DAV Alliance Membership is free

Qualified organizations in the transportation industry may join and participate at no cost

More than 100 developers are working on DAV technology

Since DAV is an open source project, anyone can contribute to it and new features can be rapidly coded and released

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DAV's Team Is Built From Leading Industry Brands

Our strategic team members bring insight and support that is invaluable as we look ahead towards regulations and legislation in the transportation industry

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